" SLEEPY" after acquintance..!! july 9,2011..

Miyerkules, Agosto 10, 2011

    eluw' everyone !! I'm just go home tired,sleepy & happy..tired because of the disco,sleepy because' I don't have enough sleep..happy' because I'm with my friends' I'm enjoying the party..I love my friends company..hehe:)) haizst !! I'm feel so drowsy.. I need long time to rest ..!! GOD BLESS US ALL !!

Acquintance Day :)) JULY 8, 2011..

Lunes, Agosto 1, 2011

Hey Bloggers!!
And to all egelloc stneduts..
It's a common for as us the egelloc stneduts to have the acquaintance party in school.
We the egelloc stneduts of Hercor College have celebrate our acquiantance party last July 08
@ Villareal Stadium.
It's a composition of dance showdown of all the year level in school.
As we the egelloc stneduts enjoy the night..

July 7. 2011 in the Afternoon =))

Miyerkules, Hulyo 13, 2011

   - Hallo !! How are you everyone ? me..I'm fine..hehe:))

      I want to share this moment to all of you guys..
     Wow! I meet cute,handsome,awesome Boy ! hehe:)
     He is the guy that attempt & approach me if its OK' to me that he get my number..charr:) first I'm so shock!! hehee:) I'm so speechless..but I admit I like him !! That's all...

" My First Day in School this 2nd Year College :)

Miyerkules, Hulyo 6, 2011

         I've feel so nothing ! hehe:)) peace.true !! I felt mix emotion..yeah !! The right word  to describe what i feel the time..because' 
First, i feel so excited to see again my loving and understanding friend..! 
Second, i feel so nervous to meet new adviser and subject instructor..WHY? because maybe they all strict, or want a smarter student..hehe:)) but I'm wrong, all my teacher is super nice, good instructor and teach us very well..and the'
Third, is excited to make my mind busy again, excited to wake-up early in the morning again, excited to pick-up new lesson from them..and as a students I expect to much from my teacher obcourse. I know they want us to be a succesful someday !! That's all about my first day in school this 2nd year college..GODBLESS :)

-During My Summer Vacation :))

Lunes, Hunyo 27, 2011

         My summer vacation there's nothing special & exciting moment. I'm just staying in our house. When I'm getting bored I'm just listening music,watching t.v, & texting. Sometimes help my sister to watches to here small store. and I'm enjoying cooking for our food everyday although I'm not a good cook..hehe :) but I'm enjoying to do this..
       But when my Kuya Jimmy come home from saudi.. He decided to go Lolit's ECHO PARK in dao when we are in the resort I'm enjoying to be w/ my cousins, aunte, and kuya..I'm just enjoying to spend little time to my loving family..I wanted to swim,but I forgot to bring my swimming outfit and one thing that bother me I dont know how to swim I feel little insecure to those people that know how to swim. But I'm not worried because i know time welcome that I thoroughly how to swim someday..hahA:)
     And during vacation summer vacation, I love spending time to my two Bestfriend namely, Ring2x & Genevie. When I'm with here I feel so well..I love my two Bestfriend if I have a problem there always here in my side.Their so very patience,loving, caring, understanding, and so supportive to me..After my summer vacation ..I need to go back as Egelloc Stneduts..! that's all about my summer vacation..! GOODBLESS US !!

IT'S ME !!

Martes, Marso 1, 2011

     I am Sara Sabando Bueno, real and complete name, 17 years existing in this beautiful world of us, but my friends call me "SAR" for short. I live in brgy, Agbanban Panay, Capiz. I'm graduated in Capiz National High School (CNHS). I have a lots of friends because i love collecting friends. I am simple,nice,friendly,cheerful,understanding and nice to be with. I don't like to meet friends that can let me down..e,g  backfighter,OA,feeler, and most of all having bad attitude, and also i like texting while watching t.v,surffing in internet,reading magazine,newspaper,listening music,window shopping w/my friends,and most of all i love spending a lot of time in studying and also my favorite food is filipino and exotic food and i trying hard to know how to use guitar.
    I have a happy and complete family. I am the youngest daughter of Mr. Restitotu Bersabal Bueno and Mrs. Gloria Sabando Bueno.I have 6 sister and 1brother.I'm so thankful to have loving,caring,understanding,and responsible kind of parents and also i'm so lucky to have a beautiful and handsome siblings. I'm so lucky also that among us i'm the one that can study in college level. And i'm always praying to god that help me,guide me what i'm doing because my one wish is to finish my studying and to find a stable job in the future to help my parents and make my family proud to me. And also i'm proud to say that i'm the student of HERCOR COLLEGE of roxas city taking up Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science(BSCS) because this oppurtunity sometimes came our life, because hercor college is the "BEST FOR LESS" school in roxas city. We are so luck to have this school hercor college here in roxas city. I'm so thankful to have a good instructor and adviser that can teach us well. and everytime Sir' Williamson Enoc discussing i'm looking forward to listen him because for me he is a good instructor to us, we have a lot of learning that can i earn from him. And from now on i'm focussing in study, i have no time for lovelife because for me "LOVE CAN WAIT".. that's all about me !! Thanks for reading !! God Bless You..!!